Monday, February 23, 2009

I love Taraji P. Henson

I love time science. Read this article. It's da coolest.

In case you're thinking to yourself, "no, I'm not going to go read that, science is boring and/or I won't understand it", here's a preview:

"As predicted by quantum mechanics, and as verified by countless laboratory experiments, space-time becomes turbulent at very tiny scales, as "virtual particles" — electrons and positrons, protons and anti-protons, for instance — pop in and out of existence for fleeting moments, faster than the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle allows them to be individually seen. This process should extend all the way down to tiny black holes 10–33 centimeter wide popping in and out of existence in just 10–44 second. In other words, at such a fine scale, space-time itself should become foamy and indeterminate.

But does this happen, really?

According to some theories that attempt to unify quantum mechanics with general relativity, very-short-wavelength gamma rays will begin to "feel" the fine-scale space-time turbulence, which would act to retard their velocity. In other words, if these theories accurately describe nature, high-energy gamma rays would travel slightly slower than the speed of light. You can think of the space-time foam as presenting a longer pathway to a small particle than to a larger one that "sees" space as being smooth and flat."

SPACE FOAM. It's like magic schoolbus meets stephen hawking, with a dash of star wars (but as a g-rated arcade game). So cool. I will find time travel, I'm so confident.

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