Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm here for the love of ray j

So something about Cocktail on for the love of ray j (aka the most hilarious show ever) just really makes me want to hang out with her. even though I'd probably hate her, because she's like, super major girly and I generally am not the biggest maker of friends with that type (and, more to the point, she's on a dating reality show, but I can't judge that as I would definitely go on a show to win a date with christian lander or chad the alltell guy). but she's VERY pretty and I like that she's self-aware. like, when she won the date she was all "well there are two other girls so I know I have to look SUPER hot". Which is awesome. Also it doesn't bug me that she calls ray j "baby" all the time, and she did have some cool boots, and also didn't get shaken when ray j thought she said boobs, which was the best moment on the show.

honestly for realz, watch this show, it's amazing. I'd say it rivals brett michaels rock of love 3 tour bus, the best show in the world with the longest name since the pussycat dolls presented that show with their name in the title like 4 times.

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