Sunday, February 15, 2009

never thought I'd be on a boat

ok so yahoo is being really dumb, and my internet's too slow for me to go slogging all over the internet looking for pictures, because, what am I your slave or something? but it's fashion week (on a budget!) in ny and the shows are... well, I'm going to say it, they're boring. for the most part, just uninspired and they make me tired and now I'm rhyming so I'll move on.

First, some positives. I'm kind of into Monique Lhullier's dresses, I'd def take one for my mid-20s prom that is obviously happening... there are some pieces from Rag & Bone that I'm pretty into, the Vena Cava detail is fantastic, I think Charlotte Ronson is starting to come into her own in a big way (although I hate that brown plaid), and some of the nicole miller stuff is nice in a simple way. I really appreciate the surrealist approach taken by Tse, which made their show seem like some anesthesia-induced dream. Kudos to the excellent show put on by abaete, not too crazy but very put-together and engaging. And of course, it was Barbi FTW. As usual.

Sadly, as we look at fashion week overall? Not so good. Alexander Wang, who I normally love? Boring. Why is everything black and white and grey and DEPRESSING? do we have to dress like an interpretation of our economy? also, I'm trying to like it, and I could be convinced that the pieces would be very pretty individually, but with only a couple exceptions the models in Yigal Azrouel's show looked like straight up hot messes. I'm way into messy-hot fashion, despite being too small and too bad at doing my hair to pull it off very effectively, but da-yum, these clothes are going in TOO MANY DIRECTIONS. Jason Wu managed to be boring, even despite the great use of color and patterns... I don't even know how it happened, there are all the components of something I should love, but it all just looks really uninspired and flat. The showing by Reem Acra was incredibly theatrical, and the gowns look beautiful, but on closer inspection they are sort of predictable and cheap looking, like you got them at a mall. which is not good.

I know times are tough, kids, but you are ARTISTS, this is FASHION, and it is SUPPOSED TO BRING ME SOME JOY. try harder, stop making designer t-shirts and belting them we already know how to do that, and for the love of god WORK IN SOME COLOR. where the F is betsey johnson when you need her.

So what have we learned? You can do an entire show of boring black dresses, EVERY bitch on the planet is ripping off herve leger, primary colors (and especially bright blue) are the new jam so stock up, and people won't put on a show if no one is going to come. I hope some better shows come along, I hope some of the charlotte ronson stuff is affordable, I hope the olsens go to some shows, I hope I get nationally infamous for blowing a politician so that I can get invited to fashion week next year like aa dupre, I hope amanda bynes stops trying to design things... thank god for obama, because I can't do all this hoping alone.

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