Monday, February 23, 2009

why do you always wear so much purple?

I just found this from Christian Lacroix, and I really just need the perfect person to wear this to something and totally pull it off:

Maybe Leighton Meester? With some major platform gold heels. Yeah, perfect.

eta: I was thinking about this after posting, and am bothered that I still support my nomination of Leighton to wear this, despite the fact that THIS much dress would really be flattering on someone with a little more length... why do I not have affection for any tall girls? I feel like I should want to put this on a Diane Kruger or a Keira Knightly... but they both just look so dead-eyed all the time, where Leighton or perhaps Vanessa Hudgens (although she shouldn't be getting given couture quite yet) or maybe... oooh... maybe an Ashley Olsen could really just kill this. Tiny girls with a zen quality about them. That's my jam, I guess.

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