Thursday, April 16, 2009

brother for sale

And your new background is...

Lizzie Olsen, everybody.
Check this shit out.

She's treated like royalty. This is what's hard to explain about the Olsens, and I've been asked; they're* always going to be among the "most famous" of the moment, regardless of their active participation in the public eye at that time. Because their fame has evolved; they're like the us version of royalty, in terms of how their celebrity is handled (not in the sense that we think they should have a voice in politics or public issues... and for that matter, they clearly don't think so either). So now Lizzie is royalty too. She gets to be famous, "just because".

and... ok I am serious. watch this video.

so now everyone can love her and she'll become like the new kennedy and probably solve world hunger with her handbags or something and then marry a prince in the south of france (I bet ashley has already done that).

*not sure what angle I was going to take, I took a full 10 seconds deciding whether to write "their" or "they're".

update! everyone thinks so.

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