Monday, August 17, 2009

monday is sunday

look. I am watching 'the fabulous life of the worlds most impossibly huge yachts ever' or something. this is a note to all you super rich people. look at the world. look at the country. share the wealth people. YOU ARE THE ONES WHO CAN FIX THIS. I am not suggesting socialism. I am not suggesting that you should be REQUIRED to share your (sometimes) hard earned wealth, or by any means that you shouldnt get to have nice stuff if you have the means. I am just saying that when you could throw 50 million at something and not even FEEL it, why not do so? help out with SOMETHING. THE WORLD IS FALLING APART. EMPLOY SOME PEOPLE. give to a scholarship fund, or to a university! ucla is laying people off left and right, and its going to affect the education. give to a low income medical insurer, or hospital. invest in a start up company. give to no on 8. give to save the music. just care about the world. because you are the ones who can change it. we can all try, but you just CAN HELP RIGHT NOW ITS EASY! lets be big picture.


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