Thursday, April 23, 2009

waiting for my wish to come true

I think it's funny that they added the feature to IM where you can keep your status as "away" while you are actively chatting. In original IM you couldn't do that, as soon as you sent a message it would go back to active. I like that they got the message that there's a common need to physically block the IMs of undesirables, and so they'd like the built in "wuss" function to help them avoid any confrontation, please. the internet makes you a liar.

Monday, April 20, 2009

danger. she smashed the homies.

oh my god how much plastic surgery did farrah get?! she's a totally different person, I swear it's really crazy. she looks like a small town news lady.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Moment of Blog 4/16

So, let's talk about Bai Ling's new blog format. Someone's really learning about the internet! Also, her updates have been amazing. However, all this is reduced to sheer irrelevance when you hear this next piece of news. Bai Ling is writing a book, to be entitled... Nipples: A Novel.


Here's an interview she did recently, and read to the end because it gets nuts.

In that interview, she discusses the 8 spirits that live inside her mind, and the following is a blog excerpt that she describes as those spirits arguing:

I mean No, The eye! No 2 eyes baby, 2! No No baby just one eye, no no no, I mean 2 eyes are the beautiful windows of our human soul, No 1 eye, did I just said 1 eye or 2 eyes? But what I really mean is the eyes, No no are the eyes, I mean the big 2 eye crossed with each other, from each other, as 2 people a man and a woman making love, love, love more baby......No why am I talking about love, did you ask me something about Love? Yes love baby, Love in the first it? How could that be? Love is blind like a blind man is about to hit the also blind wall, yes, just go for it baby, no pain no gain, yes go for it baby, hit hard, hard as if you just eat a huge steak, yes I am hungry for some , some......what am I hungry for? I forgot, did you just knocked my empty head with your blue eyes, yes, thats it, the eyes are the soul mate are found by your question, what/ I forgot my steps, how many have taken already, you mean the medison? What kind? eyes is so pure can not have sand, not even just one little tiny drop....." " Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! baby glue! " "Whats wrong with your brain?!" "Stop! Can't sleep!" "We are in a serious interview don't jump around!" " I did not jump around, what are you talking about?" " Brian, do you have a brain?" " Hi what is brain? Do we really need one? For what? " " You are crazy, I was just dreaming of my hot ice cream and your loud voice wake me up like a storm!" " What the F....night mear problem all of you idant!' " " You shot up earth people!" " Earth people? You think you know better? go back to your moon to dream find your brain then come back and then we can have a intelligent convertible, " " What?" " No I mean conversation!" " don't wast my time I am in the hurry to find my memory to pee...." " What the F..!!!!!!!!" " Its in the middle of the night coffee time talk show on the air again my sleepless wondering soulmate baby blue cowboy shoes, just 1.......

How are you?

jesus christ.

brother for sale

And your new background is...

Lizzie Olsen, everybody.
Check this shit out.

She's treated like royalty. This is what's hard to explain about the Olsens, and I've been asked; they're* always going to be among the "most famous" of the moment, regardless of their active participation in the public eye at that time. Because their fame has evolved; they're like the us version of royalty, in terms of how their celebrity is handled (not in the sense that we think they should have a voice in politics or public issues... and for that matter, they clearly don't think so either). So now Lizzie is royalty too. She gets to be famous, "just because".

and... ok I am serious. watch this video.

so now everyone can love her and she'll become like the new kennedy and probably solve world hunger with her handbags or something and then marry a prince in the south of france (I bet ashley has already done that).

*not sure what angle I was going to take, I took a full 10 seconds deciding whether to write "their" or "they're".

update! everyone thinks so.

Monday, April 13, 2009

you're so two thousand and late

the problem with buying high-end designer stuff is you're a lot more likely to see some celebrity you hate wearing the item you own, thus destroying it's beauty for you. Could you really be gaga over your new marchesa dress if you saw paris hilton parading it all over town? the magic is gone at that point.